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  • A look at the 2016 Vernon Parish school performance data, according to Louisiana Department of Education data:


    • Ranked 6th in the state with a 109.0. State Average is 83.
    • Highest ACT index in the state.
    • 12 "A" schools and 6 "B" schools
    • Highest Ranking District in Central Louisiana
    • 5 Top Gains Schools, which means that they grew 5 points if they were already an A and 10 points if they were below an A.
      • Hicks
      • Leesville High
      • Rosepine Elementary
      • Rosepine High
      • Simpson

    * Also, only three public school systems are ranked higher than Vernon Parish and only by .5 of a point.

    Quote from the Superintendent James Williams: "We are very proud of our student achievement in Vernon Parish Schools. We are once again an “A” School District ranked in the Top 10 in the state. Our rank increased from 8th in the state to 6th with a score of 109.0. We improved 5.7 points in our District Performance Score. We are very proud and we are excited, but we are certainly not completely satisfied. We believe that once you are satisfied, you have quit improving. I will assure you that the process of improving started from day 1 and will continue throughout the year. We have identified areas that need improvement at each school on each grade level and have already implemented improvement plans and action plans to address any deficiencies. We are committed to our children’s education and strive each day to go from good to great. We recognize and appreciate all of the help and support from our parents, teachers, administrators, and board members that work together to make our continuously upward progress in education become a reality."

  • Vernon Parish School System
    201 Belview Road
    Leesville, LA 71446
    (337) 239-3401


    The Vernon Parish School Board believes that education should provide the guidance, effective instruction, and academic experiences every child needs for achievement, recognition, security, love and affection. The board further believes that the educational process within the school district is a partnership that involves parents, educators and the community working together to provide the very best educational experience for our youth. Through cooperative mutual endeavors, we produce healthy, happy and well-educated children. 

  • General Information

    2017-2018 Enrollment      9,078
    District Performance Score (DPS)      ranked FIFTH in state
    Schools      7 elementary, 1 middle, 1 junior high, 4 high, 5 K-12




    Area code is (337) unless otherwise noted.

    Acacoco Elem           239-3040
    Anacoco High           239-3039
    East Leesville Elem           239-4966
    Evans High           286-5289
    Hicks High           239-6945
    Hornbeck High  (318) 565-4440
    Leesville High            239-3464
    Leesville Junior High            239-3874
    Optional Program            239-0008
    Parkway Elem            239-3363
    Pickering Elem            537-3394
    Pickering High            537-1555
    Pitkin High  (318) 358-3121
    North Polk Elem            537-5109
    Rosepine Elem            463-4203
    Rosepine High            463-6079
    Simpson High            383-7810
    Vernon Middle            238-1505
    West Leesville Elem            239-2330

    Faith Training Christian Academy 239-1055
    First Assembly Christian Academy 239-6553


  • There are several universities and colleges located in Vernon Parish

    Northwestern State
    (337) 392-3100
    Lamar Salter
    Technical College
    (337) 537-3135
    Central Michigan
    University (Louisiana)
    (337) 537-5713
    Central Texas
    College (Louisiana)
    (337) 537-5202
    Upper Iowa University (337) 537-4465

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