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    Welcome to Leesville, the best hometown in the world. The City of Leesville is the parish seat of Vernon, where Fort Polk and the Joint Readiness Training Center are located. We are a vibrant community with much to offer, including a welcoming smile, a handshake, an open-door government, and a strong sense of community.

    Leesville is also privileged to have the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce among the key organizations that help develop our community and make it not only a good place to live, but a good place for business to thrive.

    Leesville and the surrounding areas offer some of the finest outdoor recreational opportunities, top-notch educational facilities, excellent medical facilities, cultural amenities, and a very low cost of living.

    The city is situated in the heart of West Louisiana, also known as the Sportsman’s Paradise, surrounded by millions of acres of public land including Kisatchie National Forest.

    We hope you take the time to explore what we have to offer, and that you find, as we have, that the opportunities are limited only by your imagination.


    Rick Allen
    Mayor of Leesville


    Listed below are phone number listings that will make your stay or relocation to Vernon Parish enjoyable and productive:

  • Utilities Utilities

  • Electricity

    Beauregard Electric Cooperative (BECI)

    Central Louisiana Electric (CLECO)

    SWEPCO, formerly Valley Electric Co.


  • Natural Gas

    Centerpoint Energy/ENTEX
    337-239-2271 or 1-800-477-0177


  • Water & Sewage

    Anacoco 337-239-0785

    East Central Vernon Water System

    Hammock Water System Inc. (Hineston)

    Hornbeck 318-565-4659

    Leesville 337-404-4098

    Mora Water System, Inc.

    New Llano 337-238-0115

    Pitkin Water System, Inc.

    Rosepine 337-463-8908

    Simpson 337-383-7731

    South Vernon Parish Waterworks

    Vernon Parish 337-537-1318

    Ward 4 Vernon Waterworks District / Water & Sewage District #1 (New Llano)

    West Vernon Parish Waterworks District

  • Telephone/Internet

    AT&T, Residential Accounts 1-888-757-6500

    Frontier Communications 1-855-733-0601

    SuddenLink, Residential Accounts
    (888) 592-3861


  • Satellite Internet

    Direct TV (Bundle Option) 1-866-951-7995

    HughesNet 1-866-943-8644

    Viasat 1-855-403-5138


  • Cable

    Suddenlink (Bundle Option)  1-877-694-9474

    Direct TV 1-866-951-7995

    Dish 1-800-823-4929

  • Garbage

    Waste Connections 337-535-9522


  • Important Numbers Important Numbers

  • Emergency 911


    Bayne Jones Army Community Hospital
    (Fort Polk)  (337) 537-2241

    Byrd Regional Hospital (Leesville)
    (337) 239-9041

    Doctors Hospital at Deer Creek (Leesville)
    (337) 238-0220 or (337) 392-5088


  • Fire Departments

    Anacoco Volunteer Fire Department
    (337) 239-3800

    Burr Ferry Volunteer Fire Department (Anacoco) (337) 286-5200

    Caney Volunteer Fire Department (Leesville) (337) 239-3129

    Community Volunteer Fire Department (Pitkin)
    (318) 634-5489

    Cravens Volunteer Fire Department (Pitkin)
    (318) 358-3511

    Dry Fork Volunteer Fire Department #22 (Leesville) (337) 239-9112

    Fort Polk Volunteer Fire Department
    (337) 535-2026

    Hornbeck Volunteer Fire Department
    (318) 565-4186

    LaCamp Volunteer Fire Department Station 15 (Leesville) (337) 239-4387

    Leesville Fire Department (337) 239-7950

    Marlow Volunteer Fire Department (Pitkin)
    (318) 358-3157

    New Llano Fire Department (337) 239-0889

    Pitkin Volunteer Fire Department (318) 358-5247

    Rosepine Volunteer Fire Department
    (337) 463-2562

    Sandy Creek Volunteer Fire Department (Anacoco) (337) 286-5411

    Sandy Hill Volunteer Fire Dept. Station 7 (Leesville) (337) 537-0404

    Savage Forks Volunteer Fire Assoc. Station 6 (Leesville) (337) 239-4826

    Simpson Volunteer Fire Department Station 12 (337) 383-7226

    Slagle Volunteer Fire Department (337) 239-7008

  • Police (Non-Emergency)

    Anacoco (337) 239-0215

    Fort Polk Military Police  (337) 531-2677

    Hornbeck  (318) 565-4659

    Leesville (337) 238-0331

    New Llano  (337) 239-3849

    Rosepine  (337) 463-8249

    Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office (337) 238-1311

    State Police (Louisiana Troop E)
    (800) 256-4160 or 238-6465

  • Other Important Numbers Other Important Numbers

  • All are (337) area code unless specified differently.

    Airport (Leesville) 238-5968
    Animal Shelter/Animal Warden (Leesville) 238-2887
    Animal Shelter/Animal Warden (Vernon Parish) 392-9613
    Building Inspector/Permit Office 239-2046
    City Court (Leesville) 238-1531
    City Hall/Mayor’s Office (Leesville) 239-2444
    City Hall/Mayor’s Office (New Llano) 239-3670
    Clerk of Court (Leesville) 238-1538
    Clerk of Court (Vernon Parish) 238-1384
    Community Action Council (Vernon Parish) 404-7710
    Council on Aging (Vernon Parish) 239-4361
    Drivers License/Vehicle Registration (La Dept. Motor Vehicles) 238-6434
    District Attorney (Vernon Parish) 239-2008
    E-911 (Vernon Communications Office) 238-9911
    Food Distribution (Vernon Community Action Council) 404-7710
    Food Stamp Office 238-6414
    Gas (Propane/Butane) Shawson Gas 239-2719
    Golf Course (Leesville Municipal Golf Course & City Park) 239-2526
    Health Unit/Sanitation Dept. (Vernon Parish) 238-6410
    Helping Hands 238-3832
    Helpline (Vernon Parish) 239-4357
    Housing Authority (Leesville Housing Authority) 238-1912
    Judge (Leesville) 238-1531
    Leesville Recreation Complex 238-3271
    Library (Vernon Parish) 239-2027
    Lions Crippled Children’s Camp Office 239-6567
    LSU AgCenter (County Agent) 239-3231
    Marshal’s Office 238-0144
    Martin Luther King Community Center 238-3271
    Military House (Fort Polk) 537-5000
    Museum of West Louisiana 239-0927 (Open 1 - 5 p.m.)
    Museum of the New Llano Colony 238-1185
    Newspaper (Leesville Daily Leader) 239-3444
    Newspaper (The Guardian - Fort Polk) 531-4033
    Occupational License 239-2046
    Office of Family Support 238-6414
    Poison Control (Louisiana) (800) 256-9822
    Police Jury (Vernon Parish) 238-0324
    Post Office (Zip Code Information) 239-2617
    Post Office (Other Information) (800)-275-8777
    Public Works Department (Leesville) 239-2995
    Radio Station (KVVP 105.7 FM Country Station) 537-5887
    Radio Station (KUMX 106.7 FM Mix Station) 537-5887
    Radio Station (KROK 95.7 FM  Adult Album Alternative Rock Station) 537-9292
    Radio Station (KJAE 93.5 FM Country Station) 239-3402
    School Board (Vernon Parish) 239-3401
    Small Business Development Center-Louisiana (Alexandria) (318) 484-2123
    Social Security Office 239-4585
    Tax Assessor (Vernon Parish) 239-2167
    Time & Temperature 238-0381
    Tourism Commission (Vernon Parish) 238-0783
    Unemployment Office/Career Solutions Center (located in DeRidder, LA) 462-5838
    Vehicle Registration/Drivers License (La. Dept. Motor Vehicles) 238-6434
    Veterans Administration (800) 827-8022
    Veterans Administration Medical Center (318) 473-0010
    Veteran’s Service Officer 238-6401
    Voter Registration (Vernon Parish) 239-3690
    Welfare (Office of Family Support) 238-6414
    Wildlife & Fisheries (Louisiana/Toledo Bend) 286-5940


  •  Churches

     2010 US Census Vernon Parish Demographics

    Vernon Parish has a semi-tropical climate that allows us to enjoy a complete seasonal cycle with pleasant spring and fall seasons.  Winter months are usually mild with cold spells of short duration, and an average temperature for January of 49 degrees.  Summer months are quite warm with an average temperature for July being 83 degrees.

    Hurricanes (Tracking & Evacuation)
    History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. The National Hurricane Center has a wealth of information that will assist you in planning what you and your family will do before the next one hits.  www.nhc.noaa.gov



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